Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adventures In Business Ownership

3 Strikes Cafe opened near my mother in laws house. They were a cute diner that sold hotdogs and such. We met the owner and expressed adoration as we too were opening a business. She said, "It's scary." Rightly so, a neighbor had complained that "we don't need another fast food place in Payson." The place didn't even last 2 months. Now a Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza is there.
We changed our name and concept from who we bought from to distingish ourselves from his practice. Our vision was to make chiropractic care affordable and accesible for all people. Not just a luxery for healthy people or back pain victims! We were cash only and non participating with Medicare. We hired 2 part time receptionists right away. They were adorable and I trained them 2 weeks before resuming the Doctor's wife office manager full time mother role. After 6 weeks I realized how expensive those two girls were and how if we kept them we'd be bankrupt in 90 days. We let them go and I decided to put the kiddos in daycare and join my husband full time at the office.
It worked! We were always at the very least breaking even which we considered an accomplishment. We wrote ourselves a $10K loan from our credit card to stay in business. The kids loved daycare for the most part and were near our office in a home situation. I missed my kiddos. Every morning I referred to it as the trail of tears because my son would cry all the way there after several months. I felt like I was slowly becoming half assed at the office and as a mom. Serving either role poorly and far below my potential. 6 months in to that arrangment I took the kiddos out of daycare and insisted on a well deserved break.
The kiddos and I flew to Texas and stayed 2 weeks. I was so frusterated that we were still living in my mother in laws basement. I was frusterated that we would have significant money flow in only to watch it all be consumed by bills. I remember crazy experiences. One time a woman called and left a message on Saturday and chewed us out for not being opened. I called her back and warmly invited her in and she said she didn't need us then and because we werent opened Saturdays we would go out of business. She was angry!
For the record, we were THE only chiropractor for miles opened on Fridays and actually, we were opened Saturdays by appointment!!
I remember a teenager coming in right away when we first took over and seeing us several times...13 to be exact but the mom never giving us the auto information. What little she did give us I was told that the case was closed. I threatened to sue the parents and told them we don't give free care! They settled with us but loathed our existance as if WE WERE THE BAD GUYS!
One time a cute young lady came in and had an initial exam and had her mother come in for the results. The mother literally changed the entire energy in our warm, friendly little office from positive to merky negative. She was sooooo upset and I was kind and endured dirty scoffs and looks from her and I couldn't understand it. When we had a moment alone with the young lady patient I couldn't help but ask what her moms problem was. She said that her mom hated chiropractors because one in Springville, Utah (a couple towns north of ours) slept with her sister. Oh, well, that explains it.....hardly.
I remember being chewed out for not being opened early enough by a dear man. So we literally changed our hours for one patient. He was a wonderful man who I adored. One day I called to confirm his regular appointment and was told he had died the Sunday prior and was already burried! Needless to say it was shocking! To stop and consider that gentleman would never walk through our doors again was odd!! Months later that similar scenerio would happen when taking time to invite my favorite vets in. A weepy wife took time to call me back and say thanks but no thanks as her husband died months prior from mastatic cancer. I can't get used to losing patients. It was so surreal.
After a year in business we wanted to give up. We had been asked to stock every multi level marketing product from herbalife to young living on our shelves for people, and we were constantly being taken advantage of! We also weren't comfortable taking peoples money! We had a crappy landlord who mistreated me and was a complete dick. We wanted out! My husband got licensed in Colorado and we headed for interviews.
A wonderful trip only wasted our time and refocused our situation and we decided we would stay in Salem, Utah but that we would move to a new location, new build out and just start fresh in a place where we had space to implement systems and really be noticed.
Our new office was a dream. We used all our tax return and I financed several extra thousand to make it all possible. We moved in May 2010 and did fairly well thru July. August was our first rediculously slow month. Then Septemeber. By October we needed a real pick up but it never came. Novemeber began real discussions about our dwindling business account and the need for working capital. All the while my husband was always applying for jobs. He was always told he needed to be in his career at least 5 years to teach at technical colleges, he had paid for and applied with the ARL to teach in Utah in several subjects and just needed to land a certified position to complete the process, and he couldn't get anything. ANYTHING!
I was already working at the local hospital which afforded us to finally have our own place from March 2010 on. That means we endured 19 months of all our belongings being in a garage being infested with mice and droppings. I think about the sacrafices and the bull we endured and cringe. It didn't help that the guy we bought from had a $20 lean on our business and we got to borrow money to pay that off and he moved back and wanted to practice within our non-compete parameters!? He also wanted his remaining $8K we owed on the purchase price asap. What a joke!!
Working nights meant my husband was alone, a one trick pony most of that year. I helped a fair amount especially with billing and reception where I could. We were a good team but our kiddos needed their parents and our lives were just up side down.
Here he had put in so much time and dedication only to be used and abused by the area he refers to as home. I remember being at a fair once and being asked, "what is the difference between massage therapy and chiropractic?" I was on a mission to educate people about what I witnessed my husband go through to be a chiropractor.
It SUCKS. Most people are so misinformed that you would expect that the price of the education and process in which to become one would be much less and require less. Society seems to think of them as dummies who can't make medical school and who pop backs to make pain go away when what they really are come with the title "physician" on his professional license that requires mal practice insurance and the likes of real "doctor" education.
I am so sad for them. Those of us who adore them and love them and appreciate them and reap the benefits are few. It is ashame that they have to feel like car salesmen and be treated like massage therapists, "just crack my back". For every person who came in demanding that my husband "just crack" their backs they are essentially asking him to break his code of ethics, cut corners, and not care about them. They are asking him to dispose of all that knowledge and work.
I am so done with owning a business and so his he. It isn't worth it. The IRS and County taxes, and sales tax and the BS is unbearable. Depressing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cherry

We had less than a year left when we found ourselves on vacation once again in my husbands home town. A quiet little Utah town. We went to his 10 year high school reunion and the venue they held it at was a different town. When he opened my door to let me out at his reunion I had a serendipitous moment like magic and I asked where we were. He told me "Salem" and I thought, "Salem...." as the wind picked up in the tree tops I knew we had a dance with destiny.

Just for fun that week we drove to all the 6 chiropractors in his childhood town of Payson to visit. Now that he knew what he was talking about I thought it would be fun! Some weren't in and others were. The ones that were I'd stay in the car with the kiddos and chill. One particular doc we visited took a long time! I wasn't worried. We absolutely under no circumstances would be going to be moving here. It was forbidden. What Dr Phil would refer to as an uncompromisable in our marriage. I would never live in Utah.

Janurary 2008 came along and my husband had still not decided. It's funny to mention that there is a rather extensive resource that many chiropractic students rely on called starting in to practice . com There is a quiz on there to help them determine whether they should associate right out of school or open their own place. My husband scored right down the middle. It was so unfair! We had no direction, no contacts, no networks and we were alone. As a plan "B" I lovingly suggested we write that one doc in his hometown that he liked so much to see if he could shadow him after school while we lived with his mom until he got a job or until we figured out where to go and what to do.

We were planning on writing him a letter but it never got sent and it didn't need to be because he looked us up himself before we had the chance. He told my husband he was thinking about selling his practice and wanted to talk. We scheduled a June 2008 trip down to see if we felt right about it.

I was completely torn. I hated living in this particualr area as newlyweds and I knew I never wanted to live there again. Unfortunately it was my husbands home town. Buying right out of school is stupid! That's the cherry on top! We bought a practice in his home town and serendipity ran its corse because that doc moved it months before we took over to the same town the reunion was held at.

I quit my job at the local hopsital by his school and rolled up my sleeves spending my days working on logo designs, paperwork, plans, marketing material and so much more like at the pool with my kiddos and weekly trips to the local custard shop for wedding cake custard. Missouri was a wonderful place to live. Our kiddos were 2 and 4years old....they always ask to move back there and now they are 4 and 7!

How Much???

So I finally had a husband far enough along in school that he knew how to adjust me properly. Needless to say he's been my chiropractor ever since! Here we were, living in the infamous Chesterfield Mobile Home Park and cruising right along. It is now Fall 2007 and we have a year left of school. My husband was now juggling school and out patient clinic. It almost seems like a joke. We get to pay 30K a year and they are expected to be able to afford to eat and live. Those of us with family had it worse! We usually had to borrow extra money in the ever so popular Sallie Mae "Tuition Answer Loan" where we all had access to up to 40K extra a year to supplement our already extensive loans. This is even with me working a day a week and around holidays at the local hospital. When all is said and done we would owe over $150K in federal loans and $80K in private student loans and even a random $11K owed back to the school!? If we had it to do all over again we would have been more intimate in the coming in and going out of money in our names. Financial Aide has it down and we all trust them to handle large amounts of money and kick back just about 1K a month for us to live off of. That sounds like big money post graduation. At least it was SOMETHING.

The Chiropractic education is 3 years but 5 academic years. Whatever rumors you have heard about it being substandard are false. Several don't cut it and fail out. Here is an older comparison of the hours vs MD.

They go to school year round in Trimester crammed to the brim! Basically you are unavailable and have no social life. It is miraculous if you marriage survives. Luckily we had a strong LDS community of which we were a part of to at the very least share similar blessings (kiddos) and burdens (needs).

My husband made it look easy. He served as class president for 2 years and also was the not so coveted 'clinicians assistant' in his assigned clinic. It is common to fail a class and straddle tri's stretching your school experience beyond comprehension further placing tension on personal relationships but luckily we were right on target projected to graduate in August 2008!

In addition to all this time and money comes the icing on the cake the ridiculous expectations placed by the big business that is chiropractic school regarding their out patient clinics. Crops of students tri-annually have to have 10 new patients that actually accept, and follow a care plan. This is easier said than done! In fact, I actually ended up getting my husband MOST of his 10 so basically they were following through as patients with the hoops just to help us out. Their visits were $25 and they had to diligently keep their appointments and comply to be counted. You can imagine many get close then their patients become non-compliant. Its a joke! The saturation statistically of in practice chiropractors around schools is a high percentage and add these students struggling to find people who need them is harder than it sounds. Many fall short and are forbid from graduating from their class!

There are 4 national boards. They cost $1500 each and are not a walk in the park either. All held at different times of the year and such many find they pass some parts but get hung up on others keeping them from actually practicing. This has happened to dear friends of ours. 3 attempts to pass a certain part and still pining to be a chiropractor.

It also is about time we knew WHAT we were going to do after school and WHERE. We always said, 'Colorado'... happy associate doctor in Colorado. :::Swoon::: What a perfect picture.

Remember that icing on the cake I spoke of? Well wait until you hear about the CHERRY.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Valentines Day 2006 Parking Ticket

We were a proud one car family. We had been going on 5 years of this. I was a stay at home mom only working 3 shifts or so a month at the local hospital as a unit secretary so I rarely required wheels while my husband was at school. Once in a while I would need to take the car which meant being a taxi for my husband to and from school.

Logan College of Chiropractic as it was called then was a beautiful campus. It was always a pleasure to take him and pick him up. The major options to load and unload where an elaborate turn around driveway was in front of the main administrative building sprinkled with NO PARKING signs every 10 feet, or on the side of campus on the fringe of a student parking lot. It was difficult to time things right and neither of us had cell phones back then so naturally I was more comfortable sitting in a parked car out of the way on the side of the school rather than the front!

Here it was, Valentines day 2006. I was as big as a house expecting a April baby! I'm minding my own business for 5 minutes when the school security truck pulls up behind me and my son. Granted my engine was off, but I was trying to preserve gas and I was IN THE CAR! He sat behind me and I didn't get it. Then he gets out of his car and starts writing on a mini clip board a number from off of my front windshield. Concerned, I asked what he was doing. He said, "What do you mean what am I doing, you 're getting a ticket." I asked why and he said I was parked illegally in a no parking zone. Okay, there are no signs, no yellow curb, no red curb....just grey sidewalk concrete and me out of the way on the side of the parking lot closest to the door. He asked me my husbands name and wrote it on the paper last and handed it to me. I snatched it disrespectfully out of his hands and threw it on my passenger seat floor. He got in his car and was out of sight as people started flowing out of the building, as if on cue.

I was devastated! The ticket was made out to my husband, when it was me who operated the car and it was made out for a violation that didn't exist! My husband handed me a carnation that he purchased from the cafeteria and wished me happy Valentines day but I could only see red even though it was probably pink or white! He told me we'd dispute it an I ran it by the student body president who had happened to pass by conveniently. I knew one thing, we weren't paying! Plus, I had a OB appointment I was running late for that day!

My husband and several people took the matter as eye witnesses to where I had remained parked clear up to getting the ticket to the dean of student services on campus. I wasn't there but it was in my husbands name and jeopardized letting him have grades or graduate if it went on his record there as unpaid. The woman refused the eyewitnesses and it seemed hopeless.

I took matters in to my own hands. I was a zealot who abhorred injustice. I took it upon myself to look up and print out and highlight the City of Chesterfields parking, no parking, and such policy. It clearly stated a no parking zone must be clearly marked. I wrote them a letter and sent it along with pictures of the site they claim was no parking and waited.

I got a letter back saying more or less that they would drop the matter and unfreeze my husbands grades but proceeded to rebuke me about not tolerating mistreatment of their security guards and that if I were to ever behave that way to any Logan employee my husband would have academic consequences.

I picked up the phone and called that woman before I ever finished the letter. She answered right away, so I just began, "This is Sophia Shepherd and I just want you to know that I got your letter and find myself reading it thinking you have me confused with someone else!" She said, "Mrs Shepherd, we had a meeting about this and asked our officer and he told us all about you making racial remarks and acting belligerent towards him." I could not believe my ears! I relayed my entire side of the story and admitted that the worst I did was snap the ticket from his fingers disrespectfully but that it was not in my nature to be this pregnant and confrontational. I had asked what he was doing, told him my husbands name when asked, and then snatched it out of his fingers. He gave me no warning to move, it was not a no parking zone yet he wrote it out to me. To find out he lied to his employers and the automatically believed him was frightening. Were we dealing with a racially charged school concerned about money and exploitation? Or were we dealing with a respectable institution that I was lead to believe was worth the 30K a year in tuition and fees alone!?

A bad feeling told me this school wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be!! We had 2 years left too!!! If I had known better I would have begged my husband to look into this choice further and get the heck out! You are so isolated and in a bubble when you are in school full time like that so we were well protected! This experience jarred that bubble just enough as if the universe were trying to wake us up and look long and hard at this place called Logan College of Chiropractic. and Frank Sinatra have a few.

Babies are Heavy

So my son was 2 and my husband and I decided he needed someone to play with so I found my self with child. I was one of those women who looked ready to deliver at 7 months along and delivered big healthy babies! Okay so I only had one child to compare that to at the time but he was born 9lbs 3oz so I found myself just barely desperate enough to try chiropractic when I was about 7 months pregnant.

THIS time I decided to go with a neighbor. That's right, black market, illegal student care in the Chesterfield Mobile Home park in a living room on a portable table! He was far enough along in school and the son of a chiropractor so I really trusted him. Plus, his wife was Canadian and fabulous! Not that that had anything to do with it but still!

I let him know he was forbidden to touch my neck and we proceeded with care. One day he said he wanted to simply palpate my neck. What this means is gently take it in hands and feel with fingers for misalignments or subluxations that need correcting. He asked me if I trust him and I told him I did and he said I really needed C-Spine work which I secretly was well aware of but had put off a year due to my loss of faith in the other guy! Which reminds me, the other guy insisted on adjusting my C-SPine as well (my neck) but he used Thompson drop and had me lay on my side facing the wall while a little pressure was appied to the side of my neck and pushed down as the headpiece drops down. No TWISTING! I loved it but not enough to stay with someone who cared so much about me!

Back to story. So this illegal student neighborhood friend had me lay on my back and relax and rest my head dead weight in his hands while he felt my neck and turned it slowly from side to side, He then said I really needed a neck adjustment and asked if he can do it. I told him I don't like how far they twist and he said, "Let me show you without doing it how far I will go." It wasn't far at all! I told him if he promised to only turn my head that shallow he had permission to do the mob move on me in both directions!

I was hooked! I used and abused this good neighbor. He was gentle, skilled, and best of all free! The next hands I would ever trust to be on me would be my husbands!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arbonne hosts Womens Health Talk

I went to a meeting with a friend who sells Arbonne which is yet another product line that claims to be chemical free and the best for you all the way around! If I sign up to be a distributor I can purchase them at discounted prices! If I sign friends up as well I get a cut in forms of money and perks!
Being a fan of free, I decided to take a break from my son and go to such a girly meeting as this claiming to be a lecture on Womens Health. I walked in to a beautiful apartment clubhouse and sat down on a chair that required me to move a clip board to sit in! On the clip board was a health survey and a free appetizer to Longhorns Steakhouse should I fill it out.
The questions were basic: Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? along those lines!
The talk began with Arbonne rock star reps sharing information about estrogen dominance and their product that is topical estrogen replacement. Bla bla least I learned that I was probably mostly always estrogen dominate which could cause disease!
After their video and sh-peel a doctor took the stage. He had a projector and a lap top and proceeded in to a presentation about healthcare today, true health care, basic anatomy, and what a chiropactor does complete with testimonials that blew my mind! Miraculous stories!

I couldn't wait to get home to say one simple phrase to my aspiring chiropractor "I KNOW WHAT YOU DO!!!!" I was excited to let him know that chiropractors remove interference in the nervous system and help your body function optimally. It helps you feel good by supporting all body functions through keeping nerves unstuck through motion.

That same doctor had a CA (chiropractic assistant)contact me based on the information on my survey. Basically I had two main issues in my health causing me ongoing 'dis'ease. 1. Chronic Allergies 2. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Allergies had been ever present and ongoing starting from Texas where I mostly grew up and haunting me. I was constantly on the latest and greatest nasal spray AND allergy pill. I was a medical assistant so I always got free samples from the MDs I worked for. They would work for a week or two but then lapse leaving me sneezing 20 times a morning. Ask my sister, roommate's, or spouse to verify this phenomenon!

IBS started after the birth of my son. He was at the time 9 months old and we were freshly settled in Missouri. If I had any, and I mean ANY kind of fast food I would need to be near a bathroom. I remember a really pinnacle experience where I had met my husband for lunch and took him back to school and proceeded to go shopping. When I pulled in the parking lot I had an overwhelming feeling I needed a toilet STAT! In a panic I decided to attempt to just get home which was about 15 minutes away through town. We headed home as fast as possible and to my displeasure I had an accident. I was so jealous of my sons diapers and yet was powerless to do anything about it! To spare you the continuation of this true story would be criminal because what happened next was for the history books! Our small apartment community consisted of 3 building shaped in a U. That U hugged a central parking area we all used. Basically, if I parked there I would be on display for all to see. I couldn't have that, so I snuck my car to the side of the apartment property, put on my emergencies, tied a baby blanket around my waist, grabbed the baby car seat and made a run for it towards my back door. Not 10 steps from my car police siren and speaker sound! I stop dead in my tracks and turn around to what I hoped was a bad joke. "Mame, You caint park there!" I looked at him about to just sob and said, "Sir, I am having an emergency!" He said, "You need to move your car. Some people called and complained." I tried to explain that I had barely parked there not 2 minutes ago and couldn't possible have gotten anyones attention yet and now sobbing that I needed to get inside my house to clean up and then I would move my car within 5 minutes! He finally believed me and let me go.

I made an appointment with the impressive doctor who claimed he could help me with both of these health issues without medication. A 'real' chiropractor out of school who knew what he was doing! Not some student who made me get the neck twist thing when I had an earache!

My initial exam was free and required vitals, x-rays, and an evaluation in a gown using some type of rolly thing on my back to test my spinal functioning. According to my results I had significant C-Spine deterioration of the curve and was highly subluxated in all regions. His prescription was 3 times a week for 4 weeks. What???
I felt like a million bucks besides my allergies and IBS which didn't count to me as they were besides the point! I was only here as a new believer who chose him for wellness care. According to him I was far from well. I completely disagreed with him but decided to suck it up and play along. I diligently completed my month and had a re-exam. I was sure it would be awesome as I STILL felt fine.

I will never forget the day he showed me the side by side comparison of his silly color bar chart results for me. It looked WORSE to me!! He agreed and I asked, well, can I come in once a month now? He said, I recommend 2 times a week for 3 weeks. WHAT? Does this guy think I am an idiot??? He knew by looking at me what I was thinking and asked me to get dressed and meet him in his office. (hey, that sounds really bad)

I met him in the office and I told him I liked him, I wanted him to be my chiropractor still but that I only wanted to come in once a month. He told me to think about what I get with him. He adjusts my son for free and is affordable. I told him I appreciated it but I still only want to come in as wellness on my terms. He then said something I didn't expect,
"I am happy to refer you out to a different chiropractor that cares less about you."
Oh man...good riddins! I was done. I was done with him. I was done with chiropractic. And I was done with wasting my money. What a scam. I can't believe my husband wants to go in to this stupid profession!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"My husband can fix that!"......Neck Pain

I was experiencing decreased range of motion and neck pain and telling a fellow Logan wife, who was way further along in the program than us newbies were, about it. Logan wives were women married to men who were enrolled at Logan College of Chiropractic. We had our own network and reality TV show quality existence in many ways!

"Oh, My husband can fix that! He's in student clinic!" She failed to mention that he was stationed, so to speak, at one 30 minutes away. My first appointment I missed completely being disoriented to the Saint Louis highway system. I also had no clue really what out patient clinic meant or how qualified he was! I figured he would be watched like a hawk in a "student clinic"!

When I finally did make my first appointment it was brutal! It took an hour and a half! I thought Candid Camera folks would be jumping out at any time!

So it turns out the school owns several clinics sprinkled all around the St Louis metro area. When you begin trimester 7 out of 10 you are assigned to one of these clinics and expected to have 10 new patient cases followed threw completely in order to graduate. The visits cost money and the docs had to put us patients through tedious history and physicals and x-rays and have us come back the next day. I did and was told my neck was essentially messed up and would require some invested time. I recall following through completely but ironically forbidding them to touch my neck at all! He used Activator, a little instrument that looks a like a jumbo writing pen at first glance. It thumps you and does what they normally use their hands to do.

In the coarse of my care plan I ended up with a terrible ear ache. I mentioned it at one of my visits and the student doc had the clinic director come in and talk to me. Basically, I needed one of those mob neck adjustments. They asked me which one I wanted to do it. I chose the head honcho, naturally! It is a very vivid memory because my best est gal pal was in town to witness it all. He popped me mob style and I laid there until they left the room and I teared up again. Crocodile tears!! I also recall flipping the bird to the universe and getting a laugh from my friend. My ear hurt bad enough to endure the icky feeling that those neck mob techniques induce!

I somehow finished my care plan and retired from chiropractic for quite a season!

We're moving to Saint Louis, Missouri

We chose Logan College of Chiropractic to embark on this journey mostly because of their ASP (Accelerated Science Program). When one changes their major from math to science one is lacking fun things that would take longer to get at the school he was already in. The ASP priced $99 a credit hour at the time and a cram course of 3 weeks to complete. Talk about fast, and cheap. Elements most appealing when it comes to school!

Missoui also won our affection because it was between both of our families and it was an institution that boasted beauty and longevity in the field. The move across several states from Utah to Missouri went smooth and a warm August rain welcomed us as we unloaded the moving truck. That same week we went to a BB King concert under the infamous gateway arch. I fell in love!

Our son was 8 months old and full of life! My husband would host study groups consisting of 7 people or so and our son would putter around ever present to entertain everyone. We also got in the habit of hosting elaborite Sunday dinners after our church attendence to people in our apartment complex. I loved the people of this place! I was content and cautiously optimistic!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Major Changes from Math to Chiropractic

"I think I want to be a chiropractor....."

It's the phrase uttered by my husband that started it all! I knew the word "chiropractor" from excessively repetitive TV commercials claiming that this particular brand of local post auto accident injury clinics were staffed with "real doctors, NOT CHIROPRACTORS."
I also knew that my husband was smart enough to be a "real doctor" so I tried to get him to be a Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine instead! At least he'd get to manipulate bones, write prescriptions, and have the best of both worlds so to speak!! Besides he was too smart to entertain the idea of being a fake doctor!

He expressed that conventional medicine was not for him because he didn't like body fluids! I suddenly had a moment of understanding as to why he had never changed our new 4 month old sons diaper! To spare you the details ultimately we compromised when he agreed to shadow a chiropractor before making any rash changes to his math degree plan that he was well on his way to finishing. Heaven knows I've worked with enough miserable health care workers in my medical assisting career to validate my petition to make sure chiropractic was a reality he truly understood! Even if I didn't! He agreed and ended up spending two days at a local chiropractic office.

In the midst of this effort to change his mind or get comfortable with his ambitions I decided I better go see what a chiropractor was. Since my husband had been to one himself as a patient, and now shadowed one to boot he was eager to go with me. My first impression of the clinic was that it looked like a regular doctors office but had more of a spa feel to it. I was led by a chiropractic assistant to a dim room with no door and I sat in a chair and watched my husband lie on a table centered in the room face down while the chiropractor cracked his back. When my husband was face up the chiropractor positioned himself near the crown of my husbands head and looked like he was feeling his neck with his fingers. Then, out of the blue he does this mob type maneuver with his hands and cracked my husbands neck to one side so audible that I pretty much assumed he had just killed him right in front of me! If that wasn't bad enough, he did it again on the opposite direction! I was horrified just in time for it to be my turn!

I, being of an assertive nature, pretended like I had done this a million times. Besides, it couldn't be any worse than a pap smear! I laid down and he pressed on my back, I flipped over and he positioned himself at the the crown of my head and felt my neck gently before out of the blue performing the mob like maneuver on ME! We checked out with a strong recommendation to have me come back in a week but he told my husband he was good for a month! Purely out of peer pressure I scheduled my next appointment trying to play nice!

I did in fact show up to my next appointment going to my happy pap smear place mentally just to get it over with. This time he said he needed to see me in a week AGAIN! We paid and I made an appointment and walked to the car with my husband. When we got into the car I sobbed. I just really felt like it was wrong. From head to toe I was filled with such a sensation to leave me practically begging from the bottom of my heart for him to be anything but a chiropractor. If it had been a battle I lost. I didn't campaign the issue or play silly wife games to manipulate him out of it but sometimes looking back, I really, really wish I had! At the end of the day, my husband was going to be a chiropractor!