Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The ExChiropractors Wife

May 10th this year we were in front of a judge and officially granted a divorce. We are both doing great!

May all of your dreams come true!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm Official. A Real Chiropractic Patient!

Today was the third Chiropractic exam in my life. The first one I had while my husband was in school which I posted about years ago but to spare you from digging it up he was in his 2nd year of Chiropractic school when I stumbled on to a multi level marketing meeting where a chiropractor spoke about estrogen therapy and managed to overview what Chiropractic was. We were knee deep in and I had JUST discovered what the heck my husband was even going to school for! He's the one who I paid over $250 to see and was put through the subluxation station exam and finished a vigorous 3 times a week 3 weeks, 2 times a week 2 weeks and asked to come monthly but told he was happy to refer me to someone who cared less about me. FIRED!! The second work up was a tedious student in externship a year after when my husband at the time was nearing his last year of school. It was unremarkable and annoying.

Today's is quite the experience. Keep in mind from 2007 thru 2015 I have been adjusted by Dr Husband in my living room for free. I have been adjusted by him for 8 years as a wellness routine patient. He knows me well. That's why I want to continue to see him. Plus, we're friends. He gets to actually see me in a clinical setting with all the bells and whistles. I think he's encouraged me to make an appointment in the past and I finally did!!

I signed in at 10:15am for a 10:30 appointment. I sat a minute but couldn't stop the bleeding from my ears and eyes being subjected to FOX NEWS in the waiting room. I also remembered that sitting was worse than smoking so I stood and played on my phone for 10 minutes. Then I was called to the front where I turned in my paperwork I had brought in complete, my insurance card, my id, and initiated my $40 co pay. I stood another 10 minutes before being called back.

I was called back and subjected to my vitals being taken. My weight 216, my height 5'8', and my BP and pulse and temp and oximetry I have no clue as they didn't reveal and I didn't ask. The assistant asked me where my pain was. I told her that if there is any sensation it is my right shoulder and I wouldn't describe it as pain and that I needed wellness care. For insurances purposes I decided to tell her to go ahead and mark pain. I was playing along because I wanted to continue care with the Dr who knows me best as a soon to be civil ex wife. I was roomed and waited even more. I eventually let out a big sigh and stood up and the door opened. It was if my impatience timed his entrance just right.

There stood the man I have looked at for over 14 years. He was cold. Placid. Professional as to be expected. He began an exam like I had never had and asked about the shoulder. I had put an x on the right shoulder as well as my crotch. I told him its just my usual and he knows me so he can relax and stop being so ridiculous. To lighten the exam I told him the tingling in my crotch was because I needed to get F&^%ED and he immediately said I was in the wrong place for that. Fine. He stayed serious. He told me to follow him for XRAYS. I told him I didn't need them. He then expressed sympathy but apologies that they are required in that practice with every exam. Again I relented.

His professional, familiar, yet foreign persona started to feel almost callous. I became a defeated zombie and followed him to the room. He played with the XRAY computer while I took the initiative without being told to undress. He knew at that point not to press the issue when he offered me exam shorts that I refused. I stood there in my thong taking his commands and realized that everything about this entire visit illustrated what is wrong in the world. I have no choice. I think I do but I don't. I have to play along and do as I am told to get the care I want. He has to slave away almost hurried and under pressure even with the mother of his kids. It all begged the question, was it even worth it?

Is life really just about sitting down, shutting up, following the script, and doing what we're told? Has all his sacrifice in the profession and at my side all those years brought him to a place where he has to treat me like a number? Cattle? He asked me questions he already knew the answer to. Why? His indifference was heartbreaking. Tears welled up as I followed his command to step forward, hold still, and turn for XRAYS that I never wanted in the first place. I got dressed and threw my bra in my purse. Tears were streaming down my face and he tried to ignore it effectively. I refused modalities, having finally gotten my way as he ushered me to the room I actually paid to be in. He proceeded to adjust me well. I was subluxated everywhere. I was shocked at how bad I was. When I was instructed to rise he asked if I needed a moment. The first acknowledgment that I was human. I told him no but looked desperately for tissues. He offered gauze. I declined and asked if I had to check out or could I just leave. I wanted to just leave. He told me I can have a report of findings appt booked on my way out if I want to know what my XRAYS showed. "Couldn't you just tell me at my next visit?" He said yes and I told him I would call the front desk to schedule my next visit.

That's life.

Any Questions???

Monday, January 25, 2016

I love my Chiropractor! Happy New Year 2016

A petition for dissolution of married was filed with out local court late last year. It turns out, nobody worth while likes to date still married people. I petitioned for the actual divorce and it isn't final but I might as well prepare you for that! We are both moving on with other people and adjusting to being co-parents and friends. I like it. I am sure I speak for him when I say he likes it too.

I thought you would be amused to know that I am getting established as an actual patient at the clinic he works at. I can't imagine anyone else touching my spine and I have excellent insurance. He really seems beat every time I see him. Reminiscent of Prince Valium on Spaceballs but with way better hair!! He adjusts 35-50 people a day if I recall. It is brutal, busy, physical work! He is paid 1K more than I am a year salary. Spoiler... it is under 50K!?!

We are both still dodging private student loan collectors and he still works well with the Federal Government repaying a sliding scale student loan payment towards the big C!

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Separated Chiropractor's Wife

When I started this blog it was truly because I needed somewhere to share what we were going through. Had we been in a financial position to send me to a therapist I would have coped that way. Like a series of cards with a stick figure running from a bear flipping along, the culmination of the entire journey flashes through my mind in an instant. Here we are with over thirteen years of marriage with unbelieveable perserverance to reflect on. I regret to tell you that as of July 8th this year, I have maintained my own residence and labeled our relationship status as "SEPARATED".....

I can blame Chiropractic. I can blame success. I can blame many things but the truth is there is nothing to blame. There is no good explaination as to why I asked for a seperation except for the fact that I was tired of the story I was in and was in a position to change it. This unpopular act is aligned with the greater good of mankind. Already my husband and I have been able to share in the child care equally and have equal amounts of solitude to do with as we please. I have a stack of books to catch up on and write. I have a career that I enjoy and love to focus on. Life is abundant and continues to be interesting and fabulous for us.

There is no prize for standing by my husband's side through the hard times. There is no ribbon for longevity in marriage. There is only the satisfaction to boast that you did it for however long you do it. The testimate to the quality and perfection that was our marriage is built within it. It is reflected in the quality of our lives and the perfection of our children.

As he and I transition from the title of "Wife" and "Husband" to "Babies Momma" and "Babies Daddy" we remain friends and allies. I am still a resource for any and all things Chiropractic professional support and maintain that it is a field that should just be avoided. Even under the most funded and ideal scenerios, you are looking at a very physically demanding job that ties you to clinical hours that make for a very demanding reality. In my opininon it is not worth the trouble. I feel that way about many professions. There is unprecidented dysfunction in agriculture, healthcare, education, and big pharma these days. It is a run away train! One can merely enjoy the ride!

If and when we ever go through the big "D" and I don't mean "Dallas"... I will let you know and change the name of this blog to, "The Chiropractors Ex-Wife" Which may actually increase my following as there are probably SOOOOOOOO MANY!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Werking for the Twerking

My husband chose one of the exciting oppotunities in our new home land, and has been licensed and seeing patients for a few weeks. He is so happy. I am so happy for him. It took almost 7 years to obtain his dream position and a slew of unlikely circumstances unfolding as he pressed forward down the yellow brick road- stumbling on opportunity that seemed to be right outside his proverbial door waiting for him here.

Now that we are here we have the means to address the black hole of debt that chiropractic school and post graduate circumstances created. In fact... it's like we're standing at the top of the Grand Canyon like always with the canyon being our debt except for now... we have some rope and a tools to see how one day maybe we could cross it and get to the other side. Before, it was just a joke- an impossible dream. Now, maybe eventually, we can at the very least, position ourselves to make friends with someone who owns a helicopter!

Home ownership is on the horizon as well as a much over due family vacation to Disney Land. I can not tell you how nice it is to just have to send him off to the clinic in the morning with nothing but a kiss and a smile! Today, it is a pleasure to be a Chiropractors wife! I'll do my best to keep him!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walking On Sunshine!

I dragged my family and relocated to another state and was a big ole meanie wife and mother! I asked my husband to quit his cushy Chemistry teaching job which was on route to tenure at a reputable High School to support me and my Insurance Sales career. Why Not? I had supported him through Chiropractic school and post graduate hell so why not?
We've been settled not even two weeks and he has had the time to decide whether to transfer his Teaching license, his Chirpractic Physician license, or both to our new home. One of my insurance members refused to join the plan I was selling her if her chiropractor wasn't on it. I looked in to it and sure enough he wasn't participating on it so I told my memeber I would go talk to him because I spoke Chirorpactic because I am married to one.

The next day this member called me and told me she just got home from her chiropractors office and let him know I was going to be coming and that my husband was looking for a job. She said he told her to tell me to come in and bring my husband with me so we did just that a couple days ago!

When we walked in there was a front desk employee (always a good sign) and Standard Process nutritional supplements on display along with a TV looping fantastic information they were too busy to see us. At our second stop in that day due to his business, I was still suspicious. It turns out he was open to joining my insurance plan and retiring and meeting to negotiate the possible scenerios about my husband taking over his practice. Lunch was planned for tomorrow. I wasn't too excited about it because it felt like the exact scenerio we've already been through. "Retiring" doc seeking to sell and bow out gracefully.

Meanwhile, yesterday my husband chose his favorite 7 local chiropractors and stopped in to a few gleaning two job interviews today. The first interview went extremely well. They specialize in Family Wellness and owned a Subluxation Station. She offered a salary plus bonus with the understanding she is looking for her associate to do exactly what she does. His second interview went very well too and basically hired him on the spot with a thousand more a month plus bonus. Looks like we'll be getting that Chiroractic license effective immediately.....

I'm walking on sunshine.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Knock Knock!!" "Whose there?" "Chiropractic!"

Just a recap for a new reader, My husband graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic/ Logan University Chesterfield, MO August 2008. He was not only class president for many semesters, clinicians assistant, but he was awarded master of Logan Technique in his class. We bought a 6 year old practice in his home town, worked our asses off, closed the practice over 2 years later (probably because my personal goal was to last at least 2 years even with no working capital running a cash practice), moved north to the biggest county in Utah where he made nothing Associating forcing him in to other avenues of income. He became a Chemistry Secondary Educator and we lived happily ever after!

I changed our families stars last fall when I obtained my Producer's license in Health and Life insurance. I actually landed a captive agent position with a reputable healthcare insurance company which equals security because it is a salary plus commission situation. My husband has since resigned his teaching job and is supporting me in my career as I move us out of State. It is safe to say that this Utah chapter of our lives is closed. He will be transferring his Utah teaching license to the new state and resuming a career of educating teens and producing rock and roll. Honestly, if I wore the pants, I would insist he just be a stay at home daddy and focus on his rock and roll exclusively!

As it stands now, he is still licensed in Utah as a chiropractor and has no intention of getting a license in our new state unless there becomes an opportunity worth the effort. It is quite expensive to maintain credentials of any profession and sadly, Chiropractic has betrayed us enough to know not to invest in it unless there is a solid reason to do so based on fact not good ideas about implementing it. Chiropractic has been nothing short of a JOKE.

I love LOVE and can't discount the experience as the premier Chiropractic Assistant to my husband and his office manager coupled with over 15 years of Medical Assisting that contributed to me obtaining such a brilliant career that will not only sustain our family, but provide it with everything I ever expected from Chiropractic: a little free standing living space, money for food, dates, vacation once or twice a year, car, insurance, and security. Joke's on you Chiropractic Profession! It's MY TURN!!

Now a scene from my life that gave me a chuckle. Part of my job is to market and I was at an event earlier this month with my table and Medicare SNP plan information placed between the ever popular and lovely Scentsy table and the National Guard. Prime location! As I set up the day of the event a woman walking down the booth aisles wearing a black shirt with NEON green writing that said, "IT WORKS" and the back of it said, "GET YOUR SEXY BACK". I shit you not, she stopped by the Scentsy booth and said, "MMmmmmm YAY Scentsy, my favorite table at conventions!! Do you have X, X, and X scents?" The excited Scentsy rep produced her scent requests hoping for an instant sale. The girl sporting the shirt said, "We have a booth just down the way a little bit giving free massages, care to trade?" The Scentsy rep said, "We don't do that." Man did I remember those days!! When she walked by my table I blasted her with, "PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO ME" Energy. It worked until half way through the event when she stopped to check my stuff out where I didn't volunteer any information about the fact that I was married to a chiropractor but asked if she was. She said she was not but the office assistant running the screening booth. When we were in practice we traded fresh eggs, veggies, quilts, legal advice, and our livelihood for chiropractic services. I don't miss that at all.